The iPad is definitely worth it

For Christmas this year our family got an iPad. All I can say is that it’s a perfect addition to what we do around the house.
We are working through the newness of it and the addiction of playing games. But once you finish angry birds what do you do? 😉

I think this can be a great productivity tool and help our family move to less paper around our house. I look forward to playing around with it. I’m sure that my wife is also.

2 Replies to “The iPad is definitely worth it”

  1. Can you expand on how the iPad will help move less paper around the house? What sort of paper are you referring to?I think the iPad is mostly a consumption device, that is a device to view/read content on the Internet and not so much a device to generate content except for email…which just about any device can do (laptop/smartphone/etc.)
    I’ve heard there are some great games for kids of all ages….so it can be a good tool for educational uses.
    But I just don’t understand how it can help move less paper around a house…unless I’m missing something.


    1. I have been working to move all paper files into Evernote. By having the iPad, we’ll be able to move more paper into an electronic world. One example would be recipes. My wife pulls a lot of pages out of magazines and we’ll be able to digitize those.
      As you said, it’s a consumption device. By having that, we’ll be able to have a lot more paper digitized that we would usually have around the house.
      What’s sad is my son is better at angry birds than I am. He’s getting pretty good and getting around the iPad.


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