Should bloggers pick up for the loss of the Rocky?

I am attending WordCamp Denver today and just had a good presentation by Gil Asakawa on media and publishing.
One of the questions that came up was should bloggers fill the niche left behind by the Rocky Mountain News? Well should they?

My thought is that bloggers and everyone else should be looking out for something going on and question it. We are a republic after all.

One thing that I have noticed in the media, specifically the Denver Post, is that the reporters are general issue reporters. The speciality or niche reporter no longer exists.

Working in my field, when I call the Denver Post, I don’t know who I am going to get as a reporter. I then spend about 30-60 minutes and several discussions with them educating them about the issue. And they never really get it right.

My opinion is that the blogger or writer who occupies a specialty or niche will begin to stand out and garner more of a reputation for a subject than a reporter at the Denver Post or any news outlet.

From a professional standpoint, I am beginning to work with more bloggers on stories and will continue to do so because they reach the niche audience that I am trying to reach. It is a lot easier to reach them through this medium then hoping a main-stream media outlet will pick up.

What our your thoughts about this? I would be interested in knowing.

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