Former tech darling and Fox & Friends host moves out of the country

Ex-Fox & Friends co-host Clayton Morris has left the country amid more than two dozen lawsuits from investors who say he defrauded them in real estate deals involving properties in Indianapolis. Read more…

He used to be on many of the tech podcasts I was on and he talked about his real estate investing company and how much he was making, his retirement. It sounded too good to be true, it may be.

Should bloggers pick up for the loss of the Rocky?

I am attending WordCamp Denver today and just had a good presentation by Gil Asakawa on media and publishing.
One of the questions that came up was should bloggers fill the niche left behind by the Rocky Mountain News? Well should they?

My thought is that bloggers and everyone else should be looking out for something going on and question it. We are a republic after all.

One thing that I have noticed in the media, specifically the Denver Post, is that the reporters are general issue reporters. The speciality or niche reporter no longer exists. Continue reading “Should bloggers pick up for the loss of the Rocky?”

Blogging a stressful lifestyle, people need to lighten up

Well people are starting to realize and see that blogging and trying to get the views and clicks is causing a lot of problems for people.
In a story in the New York Times, In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Until They Drop, the stress is getting to people who blog and try to get ahead.  It has even taken the life of two bloggers.

I just need to say no job is worth that much.  You need to have a balance so there is a break for people so that they can relax and have fun.  Sitting at a computer 24/7 is not healthy and will cause you to leave this earth a lot earlier than you should.

As an employer, they bear some of the responsibility in this.  They should be working to take care of the people that are making them loads of money.  If they don’t, they are greedy little bastards and their blogs should not be read.

That is why I don’t read Gizmodo.  The stupid stunt they pulled during CES was just wrong.  That is just plain wrong.  But they are some of the worst offenders by paying writers based upon how many views their posts get.

Some sanity needs to come into this, otherwise people will burn out, the blog owners will lose good writers, and then they will lose revenue.

A flophouse of bloggers…

When I got out of college, we headed to a ski town, or nearby, and settled with a bunch of similar-minded people and skied all winter long. We had a bunch of parties and worshiped powder days.
But there is a new kind of flophouse and that is in Washington, D.C. where several bloggers have moved in together and now have a flophouse of bloggers.

According to an article in the New York Times, Washington Doesn’t Sleep Here, “The Flophouse bloggers may not be part of the traditional mainstream news media, but they are certainly part of the mainstream blogosphere that is helping drive discourse in the city and the country.” Continue reading “A flophouse of bloggers…”

A Year Old

Well this is the anniversary of my first post of this blog, Mile High Soapbox.
It is fun and I really enjoy doing this. It gives me a way to write about things I enjoy and sometimes vent about things that are making me mad.

As we move into the second year of this blog, I am going to be trying to focus and write more and write better.

I hope you will keep visiting and reading and let me know what you think. Your comments are always appreciated, a good dialog is always good.