A flophouse of bloggers…

When I got out of college, we headed to a ski town, or nearby, and settled with a bunch of similar-minded people and skied all winter long. We had a bunch of parties and worshiped powder days.
But there is a new kind of flophouse and that is in Washington, D.C. where several bloggers have moved in together and now have a flophouse of bloggers.

According to an article in the New York Times, Washington Doesn’t Sleep Here, “The Flophouse bloggers may not be part of the traditional mainstream news media, but they are certainly part of the mainstream blogosphere that is helping drive discourse in the city and the country.”

This seems like an ideal way to generate ideas for blogs and have some great discussions. In my living situations, it was always who is going to get the beer, where were the great runs, meet any interesting people?

Mr. Weigel said he remembers bumping into his roommate doing laundry and ending up in a 15-minute discussion about immigration policy, the sort of conversation that might later make it into one of his posts.

But on the other hand, if you have buried your nose into the screen of the laptop, than it is hard to find out what your other roommates are doing.

For example, “A lot of times I’ll learn things that are going on with my roommates first by reading it on their blogs,” Becks said. (Becks is one of the roommates.) Mr. Capps, another roommate said, “Sometimes, Mr. Capps will send an instant message to signal when dinner is ready.” To me this is not healthy.

While I was hosting or heading to different parties in the ski town, these guys and gals are hosting political parties and having fun at politicians expense on election nights, it is not hard to do that. We may have had access to a computer at work, but they weren’t widespread in the mid-1990’s.

It is just a sign of the times and how things are changing and evolving.

I think of how progressive I am in how I do things and what I do in my career. But this story puts it into perspective for me. I see this as kinda something out there, but how to my older colleagues and friends see me and what I do. It is probably closely similar.

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