New York Times Explores the Secrecy of Apple and the Health of Steve Jobs

Talking Business – Apple’s Culture of Secrecy –
This is a deceiving headline from the New York Times.  The story is more on the health of Steve Jobs and when should a company disclose information about the health of their CEO.

It is quite a dilema.  When should a company disclose that there CEO is sick?

A public company has the duty to disclose things that could provide information to its shareholers so they can make the right decision about their investment.

The article quotes a spokesman for the Securities and Exchange Commission who said that the law defined materiality as information that “the reasonable investor needs to know in order to make an informed decision about his investment.”

The issue of Jobs health came up in Apple’s Third Quarter Conference Call and an analyst asked the question.  But Apple just kinda blew it off saying it was a private matter.

Other companies have dealt with the issue, each in different ways.  Intel’s CEO was stricken with cancer.  He informed the board and management, but not the shareholders.  A McDonald’s CEO found out he had cancer and it was announced pretty quick.

Luckily for Intel’s CEO he survived, but the McDonald’s CEO resigned shortly thereafter and passed quickly after that.

To me, if Steve Jobs was sick and it would effect how he would do his job, then it would need to be disclosed.  But Apple blowing it off and saying nothing but that it is a private matter does no exude confidence in the shareholders of Apple.

The secrecy veil that Apple has cast over its company creates more problems than they should be having, but it adds to the mystique and allure of Apple.  It is the culture of Apple that everyone loves.

I just wish they and other companies would be more open about the health of their CEO’s so investors and shareholders would have more information to make the right investment decisions.

Someone just told me that you need to research and like the direction of the product, management, and marketing of a company. If you don’t, then don’t invest in it.

Right now, there are questions about management, especially Steve Jobs. Without Jobs, is there an Apple?  I would be interested in your thoughts.

After Forays With ABC and HBO, a Video Blogger Returns to Video Blogging

After Forays With ABC and HBO, a Video Blogger Returns to Video Blogging – New York Times
Well Amanda Congdon has found out that the grass is not always greener and is returning to independent media.

Mainstream media does not always take kind to changing their culture and the culture of vloggers is out there compared to how they like to do things.

I am happy for this and I look forward to see what she develops on this new series, “Sometimes Daily,” of video blogging.  It will be an interesting look at life through Amanda.

In Zimbabwe Jail: A Reporter’s Ordeal

In Zimbabwe Jail: A Reporter’s Ordeal – New York Times
This is a really good article about the oppression, violence, torture and craziness of what is happening in Zimbabwe.  It is really just sad what Robert Mubabe has done to this country.

Barry Bearak was covering the presidential election in Zimbabwe for the New York Times when he was arrested for “committing journalism.”  The story follows his experiences through the process in jail, being freed, being re-arrested, and then escaping the country.

The main thing now is what is going to happen with the election.  The final results have not been announced and they are doing a recount.  The opposition is being beaten, arrested, and/or murdered.  But it is a pretty good bet that Mugabe did not win the election.

Let’s hope that this repressive government leaves soon, but it is doubtful.  They will probably come up with something to keep them in office.  We all know that recount is a scam.

There are good people in this country, but one tyrant is suppressing and scaring a country so he can remain as the President.

Thanks Barry Bearak for the great article.

A flophouse of bloggers…

When I got out of college, we headed to a ski town, or nearby, and settled with a bunch of similar-minded people and skied all winter long. We had a bunch of parties and worshiped powder days.
But there is a new kind of flophouse and that is in Washington, D.C. where several bloggers have moved in together and now have a flophouse of bloggers.

According to an article in the New York Times, Washington Doesn’t Sleep Here, “The Flophouse bloggers may not be part of the traditional mainstream news media, but they are certainly part of the mainstream blogosphere that is helping drive discourse in the city and the country.” Continue reading “A flophouse of bloggers…”

Red, White and Blue Tag Sale

Red, White and Blue Tag Sale – New York Times
This is in excellent column by Maureen Dowd looking at what is happening to the economy of the United States.  People are so focused on the illegal immigration along the Mexican border, our economy is becoming one of the worst in the world and we are ever-increasingly dependent upon foreign investors.

One of the biggest investors and holders of our bonds is the Chinese.

The Americans need to become more concerned with our ever-increasing deficit.  We need to ensure that we have fiscal responsible people in the government to ensure we have a balanced budget and pay off our debt.  If we don’t, the price of oil will continue to go up and we may sink deeper into a recession.

We will also become more dependent and beholden to foreign governments.  We need to be careful and be prudent.