Good-Bye Rocky!

I hate to say this, but good-bye Rocky Mountain News. I am going to miss you.
I moved to the Denver area in 1993 and except for a couple years when I moved away I have been reading the Rocky Mountain News. It was an excellent newspaper and I always compared other newspapers to it.

And none of them really measured up.

What did I like?

  • The staff was always professional and the stories were well written.
  • The paper really covered Denver and Colorado. When I read a newspaper that is something that I look for.
  • The comics. They were so much better than the Post. 😉
  • The format. Whether it was on the kitchen table or on a flight, the tabloid format was easy to read.

I guess it is just the sign of the times. Newspapers across this country are in serious trouble. The Albuquerque Tribune closed a year-ago (another Scripps newspaper), the Seattle P-I will cease publishing a printed copy later this year, the San Francisco Chronicle is in trouble, and the stock of the New York Times is now below what a Sunday edition costs.

In the paper that is surviving, the Denver Post, I have concerns about their viability over the near and long-term. They have been having financial problems and had to borrow money from the Denver Newspaper Agency. They also just had to re-negotiate contracts with their staff.

Plus I have seen an incredible decline in the quality of their writing. Like many other newspapers they have reduced the newsroom staff, getting rid of the specialty writers and leaning towards the general writer who can cover more topics. But this lead to a poorer quality of writing and coverage of the issues.

The Rocky has provided a great benefit to the Denver and Colorado area for 150 years and Denver has benefited from having a two newspaper town. Now that we are done to one, let’s hope that the Denver Post keeps up their part of raising issues and keeping everyone in check.

For now, I am going to continue my subscription and receive the Denver Post. But I am nervous and have a lot of doubt that they will continue into the future. If I don’t like it, I will drop my subscription.

I want to wish the staff of the Rocky well as they move on with their career. I have met and worked with some of them on a professional level and always enjoyed it. They were always fair and provided good coverage of the issues.

Good-bye Rocky. Me and many others are going to miss you.

One Reply to “Good-Bye Rocky!”

  1. Since my first visit to Denver in ’93, I have enjoyed the Rocky Mountain news. The format is easy to read whether flying or riding shotgun in my truck. The news covers local, national, & international scenes and provides easy reads and accurate info. Sports are first class and the comics selections will tickle the funny bone of any reader’s tastes or interests. The puzzle pages are challenging as well as entertaining. The columnists provide a strong-cross section of opinions and insights which allows the readers to study theor own opinions and further increase the veracity of their own stances ona wide variety of issues.
    I hope the Post can continue a strong tradition of accuracy, a wide spectrum of opinion and raise the level of journalism to the caliber of the News. Oh yes, I hope they improve the selection of their comics to reflect the varied audience that loves to laugh and view the foibles of their world.


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