Littwin: Polis and his “new media” can’t gloat

Littwin: Polis and his “new media” can’t gloat – The Denver Post
This is a great column by Mike Littwin in response to Jared Polis stating that “new media” killed the Rocky Mountain News.

Littwin had a good seat to see what happened at the Rocky and it wasn’t new media.

I think he summarized things well at the end of his column when he stated, “Whatever Polis thinks, he had absolutely nothing to do with the death of the Rocky. He took his best shot, but I’d say all he hit was his foot.”

Bloggingheads: Jindal and Race

Bloggingheads: Jindal and Race – Video Library – The New York Times
This is an interesting discussion on whether or not race is playing into the criticism of Bobby Jindal’s speech last week.

I have seen several interviews that Jindal has given and he does really well in them and presents himself really well.

One example is on 60 minutes this past Sunday. It was a really good interview and showed Jindal in his element. In Louisiana and meeting the people of Louisiana. His interview on Meet the Press the week before was also really good.

But his speech in response to President Barack Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress. It was a weird speech and suffered from a poor delivery. He didn’t look really comfortable. 

The discussion about Jindal and race was an interesting one. I am not sure that I quite agree with it. But it has some merit.

Jindal does not fit the mold of an up-and-coming conservative to lead the Republicans in either of the next elections. And that worries liberals.

He is not white and I think that a lot of liberals may feel that he is betraying his race by not being a Democrat. It scares them and that is why they are attacking and criticizing him. They need to discount him somehow.

It will be nice in this country when we don’t have to worry about a person’s race when they are running for office, or just doing anything.

We are all Americans and race should not play any part. At all!

Polis apologizes for comments about the Rocky

Congressman Jared Polis apoligized for his remarks about the closing of the Rocky Mountain News.

“I apologize to the entire Rocky Mountain News family and anyone who was offended by my recent remarks. I did not mean to offend nor to show anything less than a strong sense of remorse for the loss of the Rocky. Like many Colorado residents, I grew up reading the Rocky Mountain News and its demise and the loss of over 200 jobs is a major blow to our community, especially in these troubled times.”—Congressman Jared Polis.

The apology was published in the Denver Post.

It is nice to see that he sees what he says can have a negative impact on the community that he represents. Let’s hope that he continues to see that and does not make any more stupid comments.

Polis mistaken when he says new media killed the Rocky Mountain News

I think that Congressman Jared Polis is terribly mistaken that new media killed the Rocky Mountain News. I don’t think so.
The Rocky’s demise was due to several different economic factors coming together at once. It was something that they and the Denver Post did to each other trying to outcompete each other.

I think that John Temple of the Rocky Mountain News said it best in a column that was published with his last edition.

One of the things that led to the decline of the paper was declining circulation. According to Temple, “On Sunday, circulation dropped from about 800,000 to about 600,000. And on Saturday the number fell from about 600,000 to about 450,000.” Continue reading “Polis mistaken when he says new media killed the Rocky Mountain News”

Unhappy with Congress

I am extremely unhappy with Congress right now.
This unhappiness is two-fold.

  1. That they passed a bill to delay the Digital television transition. The new date is June 12. This is something that has been on-going for several years and will only cost us more money. The only people who haven’t converted yet are those who will now procrastinate until we get closer to the new date.  It is ridiculous that this was done and only show the ineptitude of Congress.
  2. The stimulus package. There are many items in this stimulus package that will not help. It is a waste to put us into a further deficit and that needs to be adjusted before it goes forward. The excess spending is already causing problems in the Senate where it doesn’t have enough votes. Something needs to be done, but it should be something that gets the economy going, provides for new jobs, and actually does something. This package does not do that.

It is time that Congress goes back to its roots and actually represent the people and not big business who have the money to get in front of Congress.

The 44 Presidents

This is a pretty cool video showing the 44 Presidents in under four minutes. The photos morph from one to the next in order.

A wonderful day for this country

Today is a wonderful day for our country, we had a transfer of power from one administration to another that was peaceful and without incident.
It demonstrates that we are the greatest country in the world. There are many parts of the world where this transfer is contentious or occurs under the threat of a gun. Not here.

It was a wonderful day, a wonderful ceremony and a wonderful parade (even though it went quite long).

The one thing that upset me is the members of the audience booing former President George W. Bush when he was introduced at the inaugeration ceremony. Despite your political views or thoughts of the President Bush, he is still the President and deserves the respect of the office.

Campbell Brown Attacks McCain Aides video from <a href="" mce_href="">CNN Video</a>
I just want to say the aides who are attacking Sarah Palin are the most unprofessional people in the world. They are just developing excuses to save their own skin for a future job.

As a handler, spokesperson, etc. you are exposed to many things and you never, ever allow that to get out in the public. But they are going one-step further, manufacturing things. As Campbell Brown reiterated, CNN has already been able to disprove several of the claims.

I think Campbell Brown nails it in this comment.

Some people just need to grow up, accept responsibility and move on to the next job.

A Truly Historic Evening…

Today, the people of the United States elected a man of color to be President. This is something that was not seen as possible, even 20 to 30 years ago.

Even though I had policy differences with Barack Obama and voted for John McCain, I look forward to the next four years and will work to support him. He is our President.

Don’t get me wrong, where needed, I will question decisions I don’t agree with and always express my opinion.  That is something that all Americans should do.

But I will always respect the final decision. He is the President and deserves that respect.

I am extremely disappointed in some of the Republicans this evening. During John McCain’s concession speech, he was congratulating Barack Obama and many of them booed.  That is just plain wrong!

During a Presidential campaign, we always have a civil fight for the Presidency. But once that fight is over, we all come together for the good of the country.

Those who supported John McCain must heed his words and work to bring about good will and come together.

This is a truly historic evening. Our country will only get better for it.

Great Blog,

This is a great blog by McCain’s daughter, Meghan,  It has some great information about life on the campaign trail, but really shows a different perspective of being on the campaign trail.
One of the things that really gets me is the photography by Heather.  There are some great photos and really shows a different John McCain.

The election is long from being over. McCain is closing in the polls.

One thing is for sure, your vote counts. Make sure that you get out and vote on Tuesday. The only reason not to vote on Tuesday is if you have already early voted or voted by mail.