Douglas Bruce Kicks Photographer, Then Blames Photographer

I am wondering how Douglas Bruce was selected to fill the remanding term in the Colorado State House of Representatives.  He just doesn’t get it.  He sees it about himself, not the State of Colorado or his constituents.
Since being selected, he has delayed being sworn in, denying his constituents representation, so he could get through half the term he is replacing and serve eight years instead of the term limited six years.

When he did show up at the House, he wanted to be sworn in during the House session and then speak to the House for 90 seconds.  When he showed up on the House floor for that this morning, as a guest, for his swearing in, something happened.  During the morning prayer, he kicked a photographer of the Rocky Mountain News.  There is even video.

He is now thinking up stories, trying to blame the photographer and wanting an apology.  That is just ridiculous.  If you watch or have watched the video you can clearly see that it was his fault.  He should be charged with assault.  Maybe that will get his attention.

Bruce made his own party mad.  The Republicans in the House voted to select someone else to replace him if he wasn’t sworn in today.

Douglas Bruce needs to get a clue that it isn’t all about him.  It is about his constituents and the State of Colorado.  But he won’t.  Hopefully the people in his district will vote him out.

Colorado Republican Kicks Photographer (All Spin Zone)

Douglas Bruce to Move His Circus to US Senate (The Colorado Index) [The perfect way to re-elect a Democrat to the Senate, run Douglas Bruce]

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