IOC’s Rogge employing ‘silent diplomacy’ with China-Tibet protests

ESPN – IOC’s Rogge employing ‘silent diplomacy’ with China-Tibet protests – Olympics
The pressure is beginning to build on China, but they are not relenting and are again telling lies to the world and their citizens.

“Beijing’s official death toll from the rioting is 22, but the Dalai Lama’s government-in-exile has said 99 Tibetans have been killed.” To me, China does not want to admit that they are the reason for this problem. The are trying to blame the Dalai Lama for this problem, but it is China’s intolerance to anything that challenges their belief.

This is why they Olympics should never had been awarded to them until they clean up their human rights abuses. They do not tolerate any dissent in their country, they jail and kidnap anyone who disagrees with them, and they encourage genocide in other countries (see Sudan and Darfur).

Even the Olympic organization was putting down protests today by not allowing protesters at the lighting of the Olympic Flame today in Greece.

Protestor stopped at Olympic Flame Lighting for Beijing Games.

China should get their act together soon or the games won’t go as smoothly as they want. The world will see that it is not all roses in a country that will see more dissent and controversy as the years go by.

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