For some strange reason I want more quarterlife

For some strange reason I have become quite interested in quarterlife. The part of the site that I am interested in is an internet only broadcast that follows a group of twenty-somethings who are trying to find their place in life.
The segments are only about 7-10 minutes and they have now hit the 36 episodes they have produced, but I want more. Marshall Herskovitz, one of the creators has posted that, “To our new viewers and members — yes, we’ve come to the end of the 36 episodes that we produced — but we’re working very hard to bring you new episodes as soon as we can. Keep watching the site for announcements — also for announcements about new content we’re producing.”

Here, check out the trailer.

It is a great look at their life’s and what they are feeling. It is quite entertaining and and addictive, it is a well done. I really enjoy watching it.

The key to quarterlife is that it is a social network for “creative, thoughtful people — artists, musicians, filmmakers, students, designers, activists — people with dreams.”

I am kinda slow coming to this. It launched in November and gained popularity quickly. It even was picked up as a mid-season replacement on NBC, but it lasted a total of one show. Enough people get it online to make it work there, but there is not enough interest to make it on main-stream television. And that is ok.

This show was made to promote the social network site and it is doing quite a good job at it.

One thing is clear, I want to watch some more of quarterlife.

One Reply to “For some strange reason I want more quarterlife”

  1. I think that I realized why I like the show so much. It is because of what they producers have done previously.
    “MARSHALL HERSKOVITZ and EDWARD ZWICK, the creators of quarterlife — and the award-winning writers, producers, and directors behind My So-Called Life, thirtysomething, Legends of the Fall, Traffic, and Blood Diamond.”
    I liked all these shows.


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