Saudi Arabia justice system abominable & barbaric

The Saudi Arabia justice system is abominable and barbaric. I can’t believe anyone would treat a women like this.
For those of you who haven’t heard, a women was gang-raped about a year ago. But the Saudi justice system ruled that she was having an affair with a man and she was sentenced to six months in jail and 90 lashes and then 200 lashes. The man the justice system said she was having an affair with only received 90 lashes.

The women’s statement a year ago was that she was meeting with a man to get a picture back after recently being married. She said two men got in the car and drove them to a secluded place where more men were waiting. Both her and the man were gang-raped.

She originally received 90 lashes, but her penalty was increased to 200 lashes on appeal because the justices said she was using the media to influence the case.

The men who gang-raped them received five years in prison.

The Saudi Foreign Minister is now trying to distance the Saudi government from this ruling. In a story that is on the ABC Australia website, Prince Saud al-Faisal says “bad judgements” happen in legal systems.

For a country and religion that talks about how they respect women, their actions don’t show it. In fact, their actions show they have no regard for women at all. I think we may be seeing the true face of the Muslim religion and how they see women.

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