Colorado Rockies have great television commercials

The Colorado Rockies have great television commercials. The ads are produced in-house and are quite creative. Last years were pretty funny, especially the high altitude baking one.
But they have gotten a lot better this year since the Rockies won the National League last year.

The stars one makes fun of themselves, the Tulo takes advantage of the Tulo chant, Holliday touched it makes a play on words from the play-in game last year, and the best of them all is Spillbourghs’ Spilborghs’ seed lessons.

Go take a look.

3 Replies to “Colorado Rockies have great television commercials”

  1. HAHA! I love Spilly’s seed lesson. There’s a couple new ones — the Toddfather & Teamwork — for teamwork, they’re all choosing dodgeball teams..and even Dinger plays! & at the end EVERYONE turns against him =] kind of like last year’s Dinger Tipping! =D i’m a rockies’ die hard =]


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