New app coming to Backpack, In/Out looks promising

There is a new app coming to Backpack and I am looking forward to it.  They are calling In/Out and provides a way to update your status and keep track of your accomplishments for the day.
This new application was built out of the internal workings of 37Signals and they further expanded it into Backpack where they are testing it.  So what is In/Out, I will let Jason Fried explain,

In/Out let everyone set their current status (“Working on the Affiliate Program” or “Preparing for my presentation on Friday”), plus In/Out allowed you to make journal entries for the things you’ve finished (“Updated book proposal” or “Modernized list reordering” or “Deployed Backpack calendar reminders”). People were encouraged to be as specific as they wanted to be.

I think that this is quite promising and a good addition to Backpack.  It will provide me an opportunity to keep my status up for my co-workers and let them know what I am doing.  I look forward to this deploying soon to Backpack.

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