Baseball Playoff Race Doesn’t Get Better

This years baseball playoff race does not get any better.
In the National League, there is a wide open race for the division titles and the wild card.  Before the Atlanta Braves lost tonight, there was a possibility to have six teams tied for  playoff spots after Sunday’s games.

In the National League East the New York Mets just were swept by the Washington Nationals and the Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Braves to climb to within a game of tying the Mets.

In the National League West it is even closer with three teams within 2 games of the lead.  The Arizona Diamondbacks have lost two in a row to allow the San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies to climb back into Division Race.

The Wild Card is pretty interesting with the Padres holding a slim one-game lead over the Rockies and Phillies.  But this could get interesting with the Division races so close.

The teams in the American League are set, they are just fighting it out for the best record for home field advantage and the Red Sox and Yankees are fighting it out to see who wins the American League East.

The Rockies have won 10 games in a row now, the most this season of any team, with a 2-0 shut out of the Los Angeles Dodgers and have climbed back into this thing.  With the Diamondbacks coming in for three games this weekend, the Rockies seem to have the momentum and the Diamondbacks are starting to fall off.

It is going to be an interesting last four games of the season and I will certainly be watching.

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