A great hockey game almost ruined by officials, DU defeats UMD 4-3

The NCHC playoff game between the University of Denver and University of Minnesota Duluth was an amazing game. However it was almost ruined by the referees. I would guess UMD fans would say it was. 

The game started fast, but UMD was really dominating the game. Only a great steal and goal by Ty Loney got DU equal with UMD after the first period. UMD took the lead and then went on a 5 minute power play thanks to a major penalty on Didier. It was a good call and I am surprised he didn’t get a game misconduct.

During this power play, the call that I think everyone disagrees with occurs. DU gets a short-handed goal but after a lengthy review, I would say more than 5 minutes, the referees wave off the goal.

Everyone thought it was because the net came off before the puck crossed the net. But in reality it was because the referee said the DU’s Heinen interferred with the goalie. See for yourself

I just don’t see the interference. Heinen is the one carrying the puck and shoots. It is saved. As he goes by the goalie, the goalie appears to cause the contact or is at least going down before there is contact. Also, Heinen is not in the crease. 

It should be known the referee ruled a goal, so to reverse the goal you need definitive evidence. There is just not the evidence here to reverse it. Especially if it takes 5 minutes to review it. 

But after DU killed off the 5 minute major, they seemed to take control of the game. Tying the game up quickly after the 3rd period started. UMD took the lead again on a great shot from a tight angle. Jalliet looked to have it covered, but somehow it found the back of the net over his shoulder.

DU added a PP goal. Kaskiuso for UMD couldn’t handle the shot and DU pounced, putting the backhander into the net.  

Then some controversy for UMD. DU scored what would become the game winner, but it appears Loney could have hit it with a high stick. Watching it in real time, it appeared to be a goal. Looking at replays, it is tough to tell but looked like the goal should count.

In the end, DU takes a 1-0 lead in the best of three series with game 2 coming on Saturday night. Both of these teams are really good and will go far in the NCAA tournament. The question remains who will go to Minneapolis next week.

Let’s hope the officials don’t have a say in who wins. The NCHC is a great league, the level of officiating should be at the same level. I am not sure it was at the highest level it could be tonight. 

DU defeats UMD 4-3
DU defeats UMD 4-3

World Series ticket sales suspended

9NEWS – Top News Article – World Series ticket sales suspended
I have been trying to login for a while and couldn’t get in.  The servers were getting slammed, but they should have expected this.  I am hoping to get another shot when they come back online.

I love the Rockies and would love to see them in person.  But the problems that they are having were expected and should have been handled.  This is not an excuse.  I am glad that only a few hundred have been sold and I will still have a chance.

Rockies Selling World Series Tickets The Right Way

The Colorado Rockies are getting grief for only selling tickets on the Internet.  But for me, this is the right way to do it.
In an article in the Rocky Mountain News, Some fans cry foul over ticket plan, Rockies fans were complaining that scalpers are going to get most of the tickets.

But I disagree.  Scalpers are going to have the same chance to get the tickets as the general fan.  In fact, the way MLB has the ticket sites set up, I think they have less of a chance because they are not going to be able to use the automated software to get them.

The scalpers would be able to have people stand in line just the same as going on line.  But this way prevents people wasting time in line and gives people an equal chance of getting a ticket to the game.

I will be online at 10 AM MDT trying to get my ticket.

Rocktober Continues On, Here Comes the World Series

The Colorado Rockies did it.  They beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 6-4 and dominated the National League Championship Series to head to the World Series.
The Rockies were patient and capitalized on mistakes to take a 6-1 lead and held on to win.  Corpas came on to get the last out of the eighth inning and then had the nasty stuff working to get the three outs in the ninth.

I have to admit that I was quite nervous.  The last three outs in the ninth in the game you are trying to clinch are always the toughest.  But Corpas got it down.

This is an amazing run and will continue.  Watch out American League, this team is for real.  It is going to be tough to cool them down.

Go Rockies!  You are the National League Champs!

Rockies Go Up 3-0 Over Diamondbacks

Well the Colorado Rockies continue to roll and beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 4-1.
Yorvit Torrealba and Josh Fogg played a wonderful game and Torrealba came away with the biggest hit, a 3-run home run.  They were the players of the game for Rockies.

I think what is getting the Rockies over the hump in this series is their patience.  They are being patient at the plate and forcing the pitchers to throw it over the plate.  This is driving up pitch counts and causing them to get better pitches to hit.

Kudos has to go out to the ground crew also tonight.  They have been up and at it since early this morning trying to get this field ready to go.  It has rained quite a bit here in Denver the last two days and the field looked quite good and didn’t affect the outcome of the game.

Go Rockies!  Game 4 is tomorrow night.  Let’s bring it home in four.

How bout them Rockies…

Source: Denver Post

This was an excellent game and the Rockies were just a little bit better. They beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 3-2 in 11 innings.

There were some exciting plays, exciting pitching, and good fundamental baseball. I think the most exciting play was Taveras running down the line drive off Clark to right-center field.

It was nice to see Valverde get a little bit of his own. He jumped off the mound in the 10th after striking out Helton, but walked off with his head down after walking in the winning run.

No team has come back from losing the first two games at home. I don’t think that it will change in this series.

Let’s win game #3. Go Rockies!!!

Colorado Rockies Win Game 1

The Rockies won game 1 over the Arizona Diamondbacks, 5-1.  The game was great and the Rockies responded quickly to the fast start by the Diamondbacks to score five unanswered runs.
Francis was solid and was able to work out of a few jams and got solid back-up by his defense in the field.  Tulowitzki and Matsui were turning double plays and Holliday made some good plays in the field.

Fans got upset with a call in the seventh when Justin Upton was called for interference and two outs were called.  Fans then began booing and some unruly fans threw water bottles from the upper deck onto the field.

Luckily there were some good fans in the stands who pointed out who was throwing the bottles and the police were able to escort those trouble-makers out of the stadium.

By-the-way, it was interference.  The way Upton reached out and got into Matsui went too far and was definitely interference.  If he would have stayed on the bag, he would have been fine because Matsui was making sure of the out and was not going to throw through.

Rockies have game 1 because of a good team effort.  Let’s get another one tomorrow night.

Rocktober! Rockies Beat the Phillies

It doesn’t get any better than this.
The Colorado Rockies beat the Philadelphia Phillies 2-1 tonight to sweep the Phillies and take the National League Division Series.  They now get ready for the Arizona Diamondbacks on Thursday night.

The Rockies proved tonight that they are a good team and that they are real.  To show the nation how well they are doing is incredible.  They are erasing a lot of doubts that the pundits were throwing around at the beginning of the series.

All but a couple of pundits predicted the Phillies would win easily.  No one east of the Mississippi knew of the Rockies and thought they would fold.  But they didn’t and are sending a message to baseball.

This is the happiest that I have ever been not to be going to a baseball game.  I had tickets for the game if it went to a fourth game.  But if you can close out a team, you do it and the Rockies did.

Go Rockies!  Beat the Diamondbacks!

Rockies Win, Lead Series 2-0

Source:  ESPN.com

Kaz Matsui hit a grand slam and the Colorado Rockies jumped out to a 2-0 series lead by beating the Philadelphia Phillies 10-5 this afternoon.

It was a great game and the Rockies just keep on hitting and the Phillies are struggling at the plate and on the mound.

One more to go and the Rockies will move on in the playoffs.

Go Rockies!