Eric Young abondons Rockies

Eric Young, an original Rockies player, has abandoned them.  Young is a color analyst for ESPN and says that Jimmy Rollins will win the MVP and the Philadelphia Phillies will beat the Colorado Rockies.
I don’t think that will happen.  Matt Holliday will win the MVP and the Colorado Rockies will beat the Phillies.

Go Rockies!

What an incredible game! Rocktober carries on!

Holliday scores winning run.  From the Rocky Mountain NewsPhoto from Rocky Mountain News.

This has to be one of the best baseball games ever. The Rockies never quit and just kept coming.

To come back in the bottom of the 13, down by two, to win against Trevor Hoffman is shows what a great team this is.

Jamey Carroll is a workman who has been a utility man around the league for a while and came up big. Holliday came hard and tagged the plate to win the game. The Rockies are going to be tough to beat in the playoffs. They are coming in with a lot of momentum and will carry it into the playoffs.

Go Rockies!!!!!

It is a wonderful day for a baseball fan

It is a wonderful day for a baseball fan.
There is a wonderful race in the National League.  The Mets are exploding and the Phillies look to be taking the National League East.

Who will win the Wild Card?  Right now the Padres are losing 6-4 and the Rockies are 0-0.  Jimenez is pitching an incredible game, but no runs yet.  The Rockies need to get some runs across.

Go Rockies.

Getting Closer

The game is getting tighter. We just got through the eighth and the Rockies scored a run to make it 4-2.
But they left runners at first and third. They need some more offense and keep the Diamondbacks from scoring.

Go Rockies!

Through four innings…

Well we are through four innings and it is not looking real good right now. They have been able to get runners on, but only one run across theplate.

They need the key hits right now.

Tulo just made a wonderful play, so let’s hope the defense can keep it close.

Go Roxs!

On the way to game…

Traffic is real crazy, so I am taking the side streets. Just heard that parking is crazy around the stadium, so will have to walk farther.
Should be fun with the kids.

Go Roxs!

Let the fun begin – Go Rockies

It is 2.5 hours until the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks go head-to-head for the first of a three game series that will determine who makes the playoffs.
This game is going to be fun and the city of Denver is ready for it.  The game is anticipated to be a sell-out and there will be a lot of energy.

I was watching Around the Horn on ESPN this afternoon and none of the pundits are giving the Rockies any chance of pulling this out.  I think that is how it has been all year.  They have been completely ignored as they have fought through this season.

I think that a lot of people will be suprised by the Rockies after this weekend is over.

It is going to be a fun evening.  I will be blogging from the game and so keep checking back for photos and thoughts as the game goes on.

Go Rockies!