You screwed the pooch on this one Facebook

Facebook, I just want to say that you really screwed the pooch on your new update to the privacy settings.
People who had their profiles locked down with your old privacy settings now found them opened to the world and people who didn’t want to be found on Facebook, were starting to get found.

Now there is something to being said that if you don’t want to be found, then don’t get on Facebook. But people who went on Facebook and set the privacy settings to not be found in the people search are now being found.

One of them is my mother.

She got on Facebook to keep up with her kids, grandkids, and a friends she found. She didn’t want anyone else to friend her. But with your new settings, she is beginning to get found and is now getting off Facebook.

Because of your greed and wanting to opening up our privacy to the world, you are now losing customers. And now my mother will not be able to keep up with us on Facebook.

You have done this a few other times where you have messed with our privacy and you got hurt. I am wondering how many more times it will take for you to get the mess up to get the message.

i don’t blame Apple

Many people are beginning to get upset at Apple for having a closed system with iTunes and their iPod line.
I’m not.

Now don’t get mad at me and accuse me of drinking the juice, I have some good reasons why.

First of all, they are doing what any business would like to do, dominate their market. In the music player business, there were once many different players, but they all failed to capture or keep the attention of consumers.

People think they should open iTunes to competitive devices of the iPod. Apple should make this decision on their own.

A company should develop a develop a device and product that starts gaining consumers attention and dollars. When this happens Apple while make the changes and open up.

Right now there is not anyone who is doing that. There is no product that is challenging iTunes and the iPod. We’ll have to see how the Zune does this fall, but we usually see new iPods at that time.

It is an open market, let it decide how Apple moves forward.

Microsoft to open retails stores

My first question is why, why would Microsoft opt to open a retail store?
Microsoft is in plenty stores and online, plus they don’t make or sell hardware. Oh wait, I forgot they make the Zune.

There is no way that they are going to be able to compete against Apple in a retail format.

Microsoft is going through an identity crisis. Are they a software vendor? Are they a hardware vendor? Are they a services vendor?

Which one is it?

Until they decide what they are, they will not succeed. They have become too big and their software too bloated. A retail store will not help them sell or convince people to purchase software.

The only way people will purchase their software is if it is on the computer they buy at the store. Otherwise it is just too complicated for the masses out there to deal with.

Walmart moves into social media with commercial

Walmart ran the following commercial in movie theaters and it is quite catchy. It even discusses Facebook and Twitter.
Well it looks like it has caught on Walmart has put it on YouTube. It was put on YouTube long after I saw it in the movie theater. They also put a link to the movie on its own website where you can download the mp3, sheet music, or read the lyrics.

I would say it is quite ingenius on Walmart’s part to do this, although it was slower than it should have been.

Terminix – Improve your account management

Terminix, you need to improve your account managment site on the web.  Something has changed over the last few months.
Before, I could manage my account and pay my bill online using my MacBook Pro.  But no more.

I have been trying to pay my account online for the past month and your account pages kept timing out on me in both Firefox and Safari.  No real reason, just did.

I thought that you were doing maintenance in the evening when I was trying to pay my bills.  But tonight it finally got to me and I tried to pay my bill on our Windows XP machine using Internet Explorer.

Low-and-behold it worked just fine, like clockwork.

I don’t know what you have done in the last few months, but you have taken your account management online presence to the dark ages by making it only work with Internet Explorer on a Windows machine.

You are eliminating a lot of people by doing this. In today’s web presence, it shouldn’t matter if you are on a Windows, Mac, or Linux.  It shouldn’t matter if you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

Terminix, get with the times and and make your account management presence on the web platform agnostic.

Apple Grants 60 Day Extension to Mobile Me

Just received an email from Apple and if you had a Mobile Me account by August 19, you will receive a 60-day extension.

We are working very hard to make MobileMe a great service we can all be proud of. We know that MobileMe’s launch has not been our finest hour, and we truly appreciate your patience as we turn this around.

I think this is a good development.  Mobile Me has not had a really good launch and there have been a lot of problems.  I think this extension is a good gesture to those of us who subscribe to Mobile Me.

I just wish my work didn’t block access to it so I could get my email during the day.  I guess I will have to get an iPhone.

New York Times Explores the Secrecy of Apple and the Health of Steve Jobs

Talking Business – Apple’s Culture of Secrecy –
This is a deceiving headline from the New York Times.  The story is more on the health of Steve Jobs and when should a company disclose information about the health of their CEO.

It is quite a dilema.  When should a company disclose that there CEO is sick?

A public company has the duty to disclose things that could provide information to its shareholers so they can make the right decision about their investment.

The article quotes a spokesman for the Securities and Exchange Commission who said that the law defined materiality as information that “the reasonable investor needs to know in order to make an informed decision about his investment.”

The issue of Jobs health came up in Apple’s Third Quarter Conference Call and an analyst asked the question.  But Apple just kinda blew it off saying it was a private matter.

Other companies have dealt with the issue, each in different ways.  Intel’s CEO was stricken with cancer.  He informed the board and management, but not the shareholders.  A McDonald’s CEO found out he had cancer and it was announced pretty quick.

Luckily for Intel’s CEO he survived, but the McDonald’s CEO resigned shortly thereafter and passed quickly after that.

To me, if Steve Jobs was sick and it would effect how he would do his job, then it would need to be disclosed.  But Apple blowing it off and saying nothing but that it is a private matter does no exude confidence in the shareholders of Apple.

The secrecy veil that Apple has cast over its company creates more problems than they should be having, but it adds to the mystique and allure of Apple.  It is the culture of Apple that everyone loves.

I just wish they and other companies would be more open about the health of their CEO’s so investors and shareholders would have more information to make the right investment decisions.

Someone just told me that you need to research and like the direction of the product, management, and marketing of a company. If you don’t, then don’t invest in it.

Right now, there are questions about management, especially Steve Jobs. Without Jobs, is there an Apple?  I would be interested in your thoughts.

Mobile Me Not Fully Compatible with IE7

I was at work today and wanted to see how the mobile me would work on Internet Explorer, which we are supposed to be required to use at work. (I know, pretty bad).
Well I got this warning when I tried to bring up the site.

Mobile Me warning when used on Internet Explorer 7

So if you are using Internet Explorer 7, be forewarned when trying to access your Mobile Me content.