How to Block Cellphone Spam – Pogue’s Posts

How to Block Cellphone Spam – Pogue’s Posts – Technology – New York Times Blog
This is a good article by David Pogue on how to prevent text messaging spam.  I have been lucky and not received any, but my parents haven’t had that luck.

They were getting so much spam, they just turned off text messaging.

I have tried to convince them to turn it back on and do things like this to prevent the spam, but they don’t want anything to do with it.

I think it is important to have it turned on so, in case of an emergency, we can communicate by text.  They live in earthquake territory.  The phone lines can get maxed out quickly, but if they would be able to text, they could get some communications out.

I’ll be visiting them in a couple of months, maybe we could come up with something and I can get them to turn it back on.

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