i don’t blame Apple

Many people are beginning to get upset at Apple for having a closed system with iTunes and their iPod line.
I’m not.

Now don’t get mad at me and accuse me of drinking the juice, I have some good reasons why.

First of all, they are doing what any business would like to do, dominate their market. In the music player business, there were once many different players, but they all failed to capture or keep the attention of consumers.

People think they should open iTunes to competitive devices of the iPod. Apple should make this decision on their own.

A company should develop a develop a device and product that starts gaining consumers attention and dollars. When this happens Apple while make the changes and open up.

Right now there is not anyone who is doing that. There is no product that is challenging iTunes and the iPod. We’ll have to see how the Zune does this fall, but we usually see new iPods at that time.

It is an open market, let it decide how Apple moves forward.

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