The iPad is definitely worth it

For Christmas this year our family got an iPad. All I can say is that it’s a perfect addition to what we do around the house.
We are working through the newness of it and the addiction of playing games. But once you finish angry birds what do you do? šŸ˜‰

I think this can be a great productivity tool and help our family move to less paper around our house. I look forward to playing around with it. I’m sure that my wife is also.

Outlook 2007 Tasks and Blackberry Problem

I use Outlook 2007 at work with a Blackberry Bold.
But I have one big problem, if I mark a task complete on the Blackberry, it marks it complete on the Blackberry and in Outlook. However, the completed task just moves from the day I completed it to the next day, to the next, etc. You get the picture.

This is quite frustrating and I hope to get this solved. Are there any suggestions out there?

Lots of complaints about TweetDeck’s livestream – How to fix it if you don’t like it

TweetDeck today launched a new version that brings live feeds to its application. The problem is that it is overwhelming people.
Here’s how to fix it and return to the previous way.

  • To pause the stream in a column, just scroll down the column. The stream will pause, but updates queued until you return to the top.
  • To disable the real-time stream go to settings, Twitter and uncheck the option. It’ll return to the old polling method.

I like TweetDeck and look forward to trying this new version over a period of time. What do you think of the new version? Let us know by leaving a comment.

WordPress 3.0 is working well

I have been using WordPress 3.0 over the weekend and things are working quite well. I am really enjoying it. The bulk changes, the management, and flexibility are working great.
One of the best things I like is the new default template. It is one of the best templates that I have found with WordPress. It is nice looking, extremely flexible, and robust.

Verizon Wireless, please stop placing apps on my Blackberry!

I am getting quite tired of Verizon Wireless just adding apps to my Blackberry. I paid for the Blackberry and my service and I control what goes on this device.
These apps just keep showing up and I have no clue what they are or what they are for. The latest was for VCast apps. What? I don’t even have VCast.

Also I can’t delete them. All I can do is hide them.

Verizon Wireless please fix this now!

Facebook Employee Accessing Data

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Facebook with Your Data: An Employee’s Revelations – Facebook
Valleywag had a commentary on a story about Facebook employees accessing user profiles when they shouldn’t. Apparently there is a master password that they can use to get into your account.

Also, it appears the database isn’t protected. An employee can just query the database and get any information they want.

This is scary. I am doubting using Facebook anymore.

I am wondering if this will begin to be the downfall of Facebook?

I just love my Plantronics Voyager Pro

I just got a Plantronics Voyager Pro for a bluetooth headset for my two blackberry smartphones.
I have two blackberry smartphones and it has been hard with a headset (Jawbone) to use on both phones. It paired quickly with both phones and has been real easy to use on both phones. Since Colorado is really cracking down on not using a hands-free device, it has been real helpful.

I have always had problems with the Jawbone fitting on my error and staying in place. Plus the sound hasn’t been real loud and I have had trouble hearing calls.

That has not been an issue with the Plantronics Voyager Pro. It might seem bulky, but it is solid and fits nicely on my ear. Plus the sound is a lot better. I can hear everyone on the phone. Continue reading “I just love my Plantronics Voyager Pro”

Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Votes a Sham!

I just want to say the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year is a sham! ONE BIG SHAM!
They had voting throughout the fall for coach of the year. This was to be a vote of the fans. But it didn’t turn out that way.

University of Idaho football coach Robb Akey was in fourth place when the initial vote ended. When the finalists were announced, he was no where to be found. NO WHERE!

Coach Akey, in his third year at Idaho, took a team that won three games the previous year to a 7 win season and Idaho’s first bowl appearance since 1998. They will be playing Bowling Green in the Humanitarian Bowl on December 30.

What happened? Who knows.

Liberty Mutual totally ignored the vote of the fans who came to their site, promoted this vote on Twitter and Facebook, and turned their backs on them. This is a total failure of the process.

Liberty Mutual, if you want to dive into the social media world, dive in. Ā If you want a true social media experience, use the fans votes. Don’t come up with your own plan and use the people like that.

What is happening RIM? Where’s my Blackberry service?

What is up RIM?
Last week your Blackberry deviceĀ had an outage on Verizon and T-Mobile and now tonight you have an outage for most of the Americas?

PC Magazine – RIM Confirms (Another) Blackberry Outage

Why can’t you get it right?

Many individuals and businesses depend on your service and one of your key points in going with your service is your up-time. Right now things are not going so well.

Hopefully you get this fixed quickly, but right now it doesn’t look like it will.