I just love my Plantronics Voyager Pro

I just got a Plantronics Voyager Pro for a bluetooth headset for my two blackberry smartphones.
I have two blackberry smartphones and it has been hard with a headset (Jawbone) to use on both phones. It paired quickly with both phones and has been real easy to use on both phones. Since Colorado is really cracking down on not using a hands-free device, it has been real helpful.

I have always had problems with the Jawbone fitting on my error and staying in place. Plus the sound hasn’t been real loud and I have had trouble hearing calls.

That has not been an issue with the Plantronics Voyager Pro. It might seem bulky, but it is solid and fits nicely on my ear. Plus the sound is a lot better. I can hear everyone on the phone.

The other benefit , and not much difference between the Jawbone and the Plantronics Voyager Pro, is that the noise canceling is top notch. People don’t know that I am on a cell phone headset. There is no background noise.

The only problem I have found so far with the Plantronics Voyager Pro is the mute button. You have to hit the Volume up and down buttons at the same time to go on mute and the same to take it off mute. It’s hard if you are driving or walking to hit both at the same time. An improvement could be made here.

Overall the Plantronics is a well built and sturdy bluetooth headset for your cell phone or phones. The call activation and termination is easy, the power on is easy, the voice dialing works quite well if you have it, and the call quality is the best that I have experienced.

This bluetooth headset is well worth it.

Editor’s Note: I purchased this with my own money. Nothing was provided for this review.

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