The Colorado Rockies are embarrasing, just plain embarrassing

I just want to say the All Star Break couldn’t have come soon enough for the Colorado Rockies.  It has been a horrible first-half.  I don’t think they could have played any worse.
It gets embarrassing because the last two game they played were on National Television, yesterday on Fox Sports and tonight on ESPN, in front of biggest media market of the world, New York City.

The Colorado Rockies, just off a World Series appearance, are now 39-57 and 8.5 games back in the standings.  In the last three games against the New York Mets, they had 11 hits and 1 run.  That is pathetic.

Except for this evenings game, the pitching kept them in it.  Friday night, Aaron Cook kept the Rockies in it, but the offense didn’t show up.  They had bases loaded in the 6, 7, and 8 innings and couldn’t score. If you can’t do that, you don’t deserve to win.

Ubaldo Jimenez kept them in the game on Saturday, but when you only get 1 hit, you aren’t going to win.  Tonight is another story.  The Mets just teed off against Redman and hit the ball all over the place.

There are some big questions out there.  Will Matt Holliday stay with the Rockies after the end of July?  Who else will go?  Brian Fuentes? Garrett Atkins? Anyone else?

The Rockies locked up Troy Tulowitzki for a long-time and need to bite-the-bullet and secure Matt Holliday also.  Those two are the future of the franchise and the Rockies shouldn’t allow Holliday to get away.  He needs a long-term contract and pay him for what he is worth.

The Colorado Rockies are considered a small market team, but the money is there for the Monfort’s and O’Dowd to go after the key players they need.  The relief pitchers, who were so good last year, are equally bad this year.  That is where they need to put their money after securing Holliday to a long-term contract.

Todd Helton is on the downward end of his career and with the injury he has it may be over. Joe Koshansky has been tearing up Triple-A, but is struggling in the Big Leagues.  He needs to go back down and work on some things because the pitchers in the majors have found a weakness.

The starting pitching is coming along and they have two solid starters in Cook and Jimenez.  Jeff Francis is coming back from the DL soon and hopefully he can get back to where he was before.  The others have shown some signs of brillance, but more often they have blown up in games.

The potential is there for the Rockies to take off and do good things, but they need to step up and take care of business.  Fuentes is probably gone, but that is not too bad.  Also thank goodness they are in the National League West, any other Division and they would be 20+ games out of it.

Let Hurdle and the coaching staff have fun at the All Star Game plus Holliday and Cook.  They need to come back from the break, knuckle down, and take care of business.

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