Heading to NYC

I am heading to NYC in just over a week for a much needed vacation.  The main reason for the trip is for my Dad and I to visit the ultimate temple of baseball, Yankee Stadium.
We will be there right after the All Star game and we are looking to take in as much of the city as we can.  I have been there a couple times before, but my Dad hasn’t.

The plan so far is to take it easy on the first day.  We are going to take a sail on a Schooner Adirondack in the afternoon and that is all we have planned.  We will probably squeeze some other things in.

The second day is the Yankee’s game.  We are going to get there early to see Monument Park and just take the whole thing in.  It is going to be a special treat to see it and we wanted to see it before it gets torn down. (That should be a crime.)

The third day we are going to see Boeing Boeing.  It has won a Tony and it should be fun.  It is a mantinee on a Sunday, so we will have time to see a bunch of other things before and after.

The fourth day is that we have a tour of the NYSE in the early afternoon through my Dad’s broker, so we have a lot of time to do stuff.

We fly home late on the fifth day, so we can get up and see some sights we missed before heading out to the airport to fly home.

My Dad and I need to get together and get some more things planned.

If you have any suggestions for something to see or a restaurant to eat at, let me know in comments.  I am looking for something that is local, not a tourist place, specifically the restaurants.  I got some from my sister in-law who used to live there, but always looking for more.

I’ll be blogging throughout my stay, so keep checking back.  I’ll be reviewing what we have done and reviewing the restaurants we are eating at.

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