Great Story on Zappos on ABC Nightline

Heard about a profile on Zappos last night on Nightline on Twitter from the CEO so I decided to check it out today on the web. I can’t stay up that late to watch Nightline these days.
It was a great profile of a great company.  They are doing a lot of great things and their employees really enjoy what they do.  It looks like a fun atmosphere.

I came to learn of Zappos when I was going through the Denver International Airport and they had advertising in the plastic bins that one would put their personal belongings in to go through security.  I questioned it at the time, but I now think it is brilliant.  They have a captive office.

Congrats to all you Zappos employees out there.  I have learned more about your company by watching this piece and following your CEO on Twitter.  You should all be excited to work there.  You have earned a new customer.

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