Comcast CEO Sees 160 Mbps in 2008

Engadget has a story today about comments made by the CEO of Comcast that has him predicting that Comcast will have 160 Mbps internet in 2008.
The service will be 160 Mbps down / 120 Mbps up.  The problem with this is that they never achieve what they promise.  It is always a lot lower than this.  What am I paying for?

Comcast is never held to the fact that they can’t deliver what they are promise.  If they could deliver what they promise, this would be news and it would be nice to see the higher speeds.

It would be nice to have FIOS and I would consider alternatives to Comcast, but there are no better alternatives for me, especially with Qwest as our phone provider.  Why can’t a high-tech society like the United States do better at providing high-speed Internet access?

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