Fox Soccer Channel in HD

I am getting into watching soccer and one of the things that I hate is that I have to watch the Fox Soccer Channel in standard definition despite the fact that they are broadcasting in High Definition.
I’m on Comcast and having to watching it in standard definition ruins the experience, especially if you are trying to watch the English Premier League games.

Common Comcast, please add the Fox Soccer Channel in HD.

Comcast, Get A Clue About Weather Warnings form the National Weather Service

Please get a clue about weather warnings!

Throughout the afternoon you have been sending out warnings on my television for a tornado warning. Which is fine, except if the warning is no where near where I live.

I live in Westminster, Colorado, while the warnings you are issuing are near Kiowa and Colorado Springs. That is about 60 miles as the crow flies.

Those warnings aren’t even close.

Not only are you stressing our family out, we are missing other things on television. The big thing was we missed the end of the Rockies game tonight.

If the technology from the National Weather Service can be there to tell us by part of a county we live in if there is severe weather, then you with addressable cable boxes should be able to determine if we live in a warning area and not send us the warnings that don’t apply to us.

Get some technology and start serving us appropriately.

Electronics Recycling Event in Denver on March 7

LG Electronics and 9 News along with Comcast, Waste Management and the city of Denver will host an electronics recycling event at five locations throughout the metro area. The event will take place from 7 AM until Noon.
Drop off locations are at the Pepsi Center in downtown Denver, Southwest Plaza in Littleton, The Orchard Town Center in Westminster, The Town Center at Aurora, and Comcast in Inverness.

They will be accepting computers, televisions, monitors, printers, fax machines, consumer electronics, phones, and other computer peripherals. No large appliances. Check the website for more details.

If you take a computer cpu down, make sure you remove all personal information from it. They will make sure it is destroyed so no on can take the data off, but it is also better you take precautions also.

Thanks to LG Electronics for paying the recycling charge.

I will be taking some things and dropping them off. I hope you do too.

Comcast CEO Sees 160 Mbps in 2008

Engadget has a story today about comments made by the CEO of Comcast that has him predicting that Comcast will have 160 Mbps internet in 2008.
The service will be 160 Mbps down / 120 Mbps up.  The problem with this is that they never achieve what they promise.  It is always a lot lower than this.  What am I paying for?

Comcast is never held to the fact that they can’t deliver what they are promise.  If they could deliver what they promise, this would be news and it would be nice to see the higher speeds.

It would be nice to have FIOS and I would consider alternatives to Comcast, but there are no better alternatives for me, especially with Qwest as our phone provider.  Why can’t a high-tech society like the United States do better at providing high-speed Internet access?