Mike Prater of KTIK and Idaho Statesman needs to be fired

Mike Prater, the sports editor of the Idaho Statesman, needs to be fired.
On his radio program yesterday on KTIK‘s Idaho Sports Talk, Prater said that everything associated with the University of Idaho school and athletic program was horrible, including the football team, athletic director, fans, school president, everything.

He even said that “that they should take a bomb, blow it up, and start over again.”

Listen for yourself:

He finished off by saying that David Vobora was horrible.  It doesn’t matter that David Vobora was the leading tackler in the Western Athletic Conference for the last two years.

The University of Idaho is the premiere educational institution in the state and far exceeds the other institutions of higher learning in the state.

In addition, to say that someone should take a bomb and blow it up is crazy.  It is an irresponsible statement that should be punished.  Threatening or encouraging someone to blow something up is a big deal and should not be handled lightly by his editors at the Idaho Statesman and his producers at KTIK.


Send a complaint to Idaho Statesman

Send a complaint to KTIK Program Director, Andrew Paul

File a complaint with the FCC, fccinfo@fcc.gov

11 Replies to “Mike Prater of KTIK and Idaho Statesman needs to be fired”

  1. Prater is trying to play off his statements as a joke. He said he was trying to pick on the football program, but instead his comments were picking and threatening the entire University.
    The football team struggled, but they didn’t give up. They played hard for the entire game, even though they only won one game. They have a young team that is growing and will be very good in the future. The coach has a plan and is bringing things together. It won’t happen in one year.
    The athletic program is in re-building mode and Spear has a plan. It will take some time to build it back after being ravaged over several years. Spear needs some time also.
    Prater is fine to say the football program is bad (they were this year), if you want to attack the athletic program, etc. I disagree, but fine.
    But say blow up the school and that is another story. That is going way too far and he should pay for those comments.


  2. Vandal alums and friends of the University of Idaho need to show the Idaho Statesman and KTIK with complaints demanding an apology and removal of Mike Prater. Hate speech with insinuations of physical harm are not funny in the least.


  3. Apparently on his show yesterday Prater retracted the statement about the bomb, but nothing else. He has no class.
    Idaho football and basketball have problems, but they are not horrible and there is a plan in place to get them to a place where they can compete.
    They will get there.


  4. Hmm, he accuses Vandal fans of threatening the Ian Johnson/Chrissy Popadivik (sp?) wedding and being bigoted, and then he advocates planting a bomb on our campus. How can you defend these comments?


  5. Quit whining Vandals. Prater’s rant was over the top, clearly, but he’s right. Vandal football is THE worst program in the nation. Either fix the problems, which A.D. Spear IS responsible for furthering, or drop back to 1-AA where you belong.
    Your sad, worthless ‘bigtime’ football program can get more fans to a hopeless “rivalry” game in Bronco Stadium to watch a bad loss than it can get into the dome for Senior Day
    Way to honor your players and the time they dedicated, Vandals. Believe me, recruits notice news on things like NO ONE showing up to Senior Day.


  6. Another sick person that should be expelled from Idaho. Idaho people should stick up for Idaho and have some class. I am a U of I alum and yes Mike at one time we did have a good football team. What are you going to do when Boise has a losing season. Blow it up too???!!!! Each school has its plus’s and minus’s – but we go to school for the degree not the sports, it just happens to allow kids to play if they so desire. The Vandals do have problems when it comes to sports – hard to attract good talent when you keep changing coaches and have a losing record, so it will be a struggle, but hey we sucked back in the 70’s went I started but look at the mid 80’s and 90’s. It can and does happen. Senior day should not be held during Thanksgiving break – that was dumb and a bad tribute to the Senior players as Moscow is a true college town and is not Boise – so stop comparing them. I hope you are ashamed of yourself as I know Boise has some great fans and I was treated fairly at the game this year. Hope you get fired!


  7. Quit whining? Are you serious? The program in Moscow is rebuilding, how do you expect us to do this when we get people on the news saying “blow it up”? you got to be kidding me. It is not an impossible task, it happens all the time so if you bronco fans want to stop criticizing everything that the Vandals are trying to do that would greatly appreciated considering we are all from the same state.By th way, ask anyone- the University of Idaho has so much more respect, dignity, pride and tradition then the broncos will ever have, its the UNIVERSITY OF I-D-A-H-O!!! Thats something that can’t be argued.


  8. this is my dad you are talking about and if you even knew him at all you would know his is the best sports editer out there and you dont even work half as hard as this man


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