The Flagship University in Idaho is THE University of Idaho

The Idaho State Board of Education opened up a can of worms yesterday when they required the University of Idaho to remove flagship from its mission.
For those of you who don’t know, the University of Idaho was established before the state of Idaho became a state. It is even written into the state constitution. Not only that, Idaho is the land-grant institution, operating in 42 of the 44 counties. According to Dr. Duane Nellis, the University of Idaho President, the University of Idaho touches 400,000 people through its extension programs. No other college or university in Idaho comes close.

Building upon that, the University of Idaho contributes nearly $1 billion to the state of Idaho economy, that is 1.9 percent of the Idaho economy. That is a tremendous amount of money for a state like Idaho. Continue reading “The Flagship University in Idaho is THE University of Idaho”

Mike Prater of KTIK and Idaho Statesman needs to be fired

Mike Prater, the sports editor of the Idaho Statesman, needs to be fired.
On his radio program yesterday on KTIK‘s Idaho Sports Talk, Prater said that everything associated with the University of Idaho school and athletic program was horrible, including the football team, athletic director, fans, school president, everything.

He even said that “that they should take a bomb, blow it up, and start over again.”

Listen for yourself:

He finished off by saying that David Vobora was horrible.  It doesn’t matter that David Vobora was the leading tackler in the Western Athletic Conference for the last two years.

The University of Idaho is the premiere educational institution in the state and far exceeds the other institutions of higher learning in the state.

In addition, to say that someone should take a bomb and blow it up is crazy.  It is an irresponsible statement that should be punished.  Threatening or encouraging someone to blow something up is a big deal and should not be handled lightly by his editors at the Idaho Statesman and his producers at KTIK.


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