Nine Inch Nails makes their latest album available for free download

Nine Inch Nails has made their latest album, the slip, available for free download on their internet.
It is available in high quality MP3, FLAC lossless, MP4 Apple Lossless, and high quality WAVE.

They have made individual songs available for free on the Internet, but not full albums. Plus have made other versions of their music available online in different formats.

Thanks to Dave Fleet for letting me know about this.

Update: I did download the album, MP3, and it is pretty good. I enjoyed the album and look forward to listening to it again.

VH1 Classic brings back memories

On my flight today on Frontier Airlines I was watching VH1 Classic andTotally 80’s. The clothing and hair is bad, id don’t remember it bad
then, was it?

The type of music they are playing is quite diverse also. The set
started with Bobby Brown, then to the Go Gos, .38 Special, and then
Depeche Mode. Quite diverse.

For some reason I like the 80’s.

Jonathan Coultan performs Still Alive with Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, and Veronica Belmont in Rock Band

I like Jonathan Coulton’s music and like listening to Veronica Belmont, Merlin Mann, and Leo Laporte.
It is a pretty funny video and they did pretty good on the song in Rock Band.

You can read more about Veronica’s experience on her blog. If you haven’t seen any of Veronica’s Video Podcast on Mahalo Daily, on a couple of episodes she breaks out the guitar and plays guitar hero. She is pretty good.

The Economics of Content – Sony BMG Joining Amazon Music Store; Final Major To Try DRM-Free: Report – The Economics of Content – Sony BMG Joining Amazon Music Store; Final Major To Try DRM-Free: Report
It looks like Sony BMG is going DRM free through the Amazon Music Store. This is the last major record label that is doing this.

I think that it is pretty cool and will have to start looking at the Amazon Music Store when I am looking to purchase my music. I currently purchase a CD or download it through the iTunes music store, but this looks entriguing since it is higher quality and DRM free.

Thanks to Tom Merritt for posting this article.

In the Fight Over Piracy, a Rare Stand for Privacy

In the Fight Over Piracy, a Rare Stand for Privacy – New York Times
The University of Oregon with the backing of the State Attorney General has appealed a subpoena from the RIAA on grounds that it is seeking to violate the students privacy. It is an interesting read and justification on not responding to the subpoena. Other Universities have responded, including another state university in Oregon.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Of course, the RIAA is dismayed that a University didn’t bow and kiss their ring and pass along their letters or abide by the subpoena.

Update: RIAA not suing for ripping cds

Engadget is now reporting that the RIAA is not suing the Scottsdale, Ariz., gentleman for ripping cds, they are suing him for plain old downloading.
This was reported widely that he was being sued in the Washington Post and several other outlets. I spoke about it yesterday in a post.

The RIAA is getting quite aggressive, as was pointed out in the engadget article, and is treading on thin ground. Especially if they want to get a ruling on the ripping of legally owned cds.

RIAA suing for copying legally bought CD’s to computer

The RIAA is suing a Scottsdale, Ariz., man because he had about 2,000 songs on his computer that he copied from CD’s that he legally bought and still owned.
The RIAA contends in a brief that they filed with the court “that the MP3 files Howell made on his computer from legally bought CDs are ‘unauthorized copies’ of copyrighted recordings.”

This is ridiculous. The music industry is suing their fans and creating such a bad reputation for themselves, the people are not buying music from the big labels, making it worse for the music industry. Instead of looking for ways to survive in the digital age, they are trying to preserve an antiquated business model that is falling apart. Continue reading “RIAA suing for copying legally bought CD’s to computer”

Big Head Todd and the Monsters Gives Away their latest album

Big Head Todd and the Monsters is giving away their latest album, All The Love You Need.  For me it arrived in the mail and was made possible locally by KBCO in Boulder and Crocs.  They are also making the album available for free download.
This is the way to market music in the digital area.

According to a press release on their website, they are distributing 500,000 copies through radio stations.  KBCO, their hometown radio station, made 75,000 available.  Other radio stations participating include KGSR (Austin, TX), KPRI (San Diego), KTBG (Kansas City).

In Denver, Big Head Todd is using this distribution to help promote their concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on June 7.  This makes sense.  Most of the time, an artist does not make money on their albums, but makes their money on concerts.

I think this is cool.  KBCO is a cool and progressive radio station and Big Head Todd and the Monsters are a progressive band thinking out of the box.  This is the beginning of the downfall of the record labels.

It began with Radiohead and now continues with Big Head Todd and the Monsters.  Let’s keep it coming.

Thanks Big Head Todd and the Monsters, KBCO, and Crocs!