Big Head Todd and the Monsters Gives Away their latest album

Big Head Todd and the Monsters is giving away their latest album, All The Love You Need.  For me it arrived in the mail and was made possible locally by KBCO in Boulder and Crocs.  They are also making the album available for free download.
This is the way to market music in the digital area.

According to a press release on their website, they are distributing 500,000 copies through radio stations.  KBCO, their hometown radio station, made 75,000 available.  Other radio stations participating include KGSR (Austin, TX), KPRI (San Diego), KTBG (Kansas City).

In Denver, Big Head Todd is using this distribution to help promote their concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on June 7.  This makes sense.  Most of the time, an artist does not make money on their albums, but makes their money on concerts.

I think this is cool.  KBCO is a cool and progressive radio station and Big Head Todd and the Monsters are a progressive band thinking out of the box.  This is the beginning of the downfall of the record labels.

It began with Radiohead and now continues with Big Head Todd and the Monsters.  Let’s keep it coming.

Thanks Big Head Todd and the Monsters, KBCO, and Crocs!

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