Newspaper Circulation Continues Decline

In figures released today by the Audit Bureau of Circulations, of the top 25 papers in circulation, only four saw gains.
In the story, First FAS-FAX Numbers: Many Top Papers Take Big Hits, “… for 538 daily U.S. newspapers, circulation declined 2.5% to 40,689,617. For 609 papers that filed on Sunday, overall circulation dropped 3.5% to 46,771,486.”

The newspaper circulations have been declining for a long time. People are beginning to get their news in other mediums and in a more timely fashion. People are not relying on getting their news in their morning or afternoon papers anymore.

Examples of the figures for the last six-month period.

  • New York Times fell 4.51% in their daily circulation and 7.59% on Sundays.
  • Washington Post was down 3.2% during the week and 3.9% on Sundays.
  • San Francisco Chronicle was down 2.9% during the week and 0.6% on Sunday.

Locally, the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News were down over 10%. The combined Sunday paper was down 13.52% over the last six months. The daily numbers at the Rocky Mountain News were down 11.9% according to another article, ‘Rocky’ Road: Denver Paper’s Circ Plunges — Now Points to Total Audience. Continue reading “Newspaper Circulation Continues Decline”

EPIC, Evolving Personalised Information Construct

EPIC (Evolving Personalised Information Construct) is an interesting video looking at the future of media. I am not sure when it was first developed, but I think that it has been several years.
There are two versions. One is set in 2014 and the updated version is set in 2015.

It is amazing how close some of the predictions have and are coming true. The merging of media, search, and data; the fight over copyright; and how we will be getting our news and information in the future. Continue reading “EPIC, Evolving Personalised Information Construct”

MSNBC Interactive News Acquires Newsvine

MSNBC Interactive News Acquires Newsvine –
I wonder how this will continue to work for Newsvine.  They are a good company that is doing something intriguing and allowing people to comment on the news stories.  With MSNBC acquiring them, what does it mean for Newsvine?

It appears that they are not making any big changes and even incorporating some of Newsvine’s technology into their own website.  According to Dan Gillmor of the Center for Citizen Media Blog, feels that this is a good thing, “…pulling Newsvine under its wing make perfect sense.”

We, as bloggers and the net community, need to make sure that this is a good thing for Newsvine and MSNBC does not diminish the impact that Newsvine has on the net.

Media Knows Nothing of Rockies and Coors Field

I am watching the TBS coverage of the Rockies-Phillies game tonight and listening to them, it appears that they do not know anything about the Rockies or Coors Field.
They keep calling it a home run ballpark, it is not.  It does not even fall into the top 5.  Citizen’s Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia is number 2 giving up almost three home runs per game.

Also the keep talking about the humidor effect.  Well the humidor is keeping the ball legal.  What they were finding in the dry climate of Colorado, the ball was shrinking out of specifications.  So they put the humidor in the ball is heavier, not as heavy, and within specifications set by Major League Baseball.

So when is the national media and east coast media going to give up the home run hitters ball park shadow that Coors Field has and finally give the Colorado Rockies the credit that they deserve.  Probably never.

Media Creates Circus Around O.J.

I just want to know what is happening with the media these days. The circus that was created today around the O.J. hearing and the mess following when he was released on bail.
The media these days is going for stories that many of us could care less about. I personally could care less about what O.J. did in Las Vegas.

Who also cares about what Britney is doing or not doing? Not me. This is not news that should be on the national stage. It may be in news that covers celebrities or Hollywood, but not CNN or MSNBC.

Continue reading “Media Creates Circus Around O.J.”

NBC Doesn’t Get it, Pulls Videos from iTunes

I’ll just say that NBC has lost a fan. NBC used to be on the top. It had the ratings and the best shows, but now they will be relegated to one of the lower tier networks.
They were already losing viewers and the only thing that was keeping them and some of their shows alive was iTunes. iTunes saved The Office and was allowing it to get revenue and prop up shows.

But they got greedy. For some reason they wanted to double what they charged on the iTunes music store. They have now left Apple and have gone over to Amazon’s Unbox. What, is that really a service? LOL. They will sell shows for the same price on Unbox, but will sell a lot less than they did on iTunes. No one uses the Unbox service and NBC will see a big drop in their revenue from selling videos.

As I have seen on many blogs and comments on blogs, people will go find it on the Internet and bypass the Unbox service. All NBC will do is whine that there content is being stolen, but nothing will happen and their viewership is going to go down.

When you abandon a service that has 80% of the market, whether that is good or bad, you can’t ignore them and that is what NBC is doing.

I think that we are seeing the fall of one of the greats in broadcast television. Unless they come crawling back to Apple sometime soon. Which I think will happen soon.

See the Webware blog: NBC says goodbye to Apple, hello to Amazon

See the Wall Street Journal story: Amazon’s Unbox to Sell NBC Shows

This whole falling out makes this ad by Apple on NBC Universal shows available on iTunes pretty funny.

Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News Ads Annoying

I just want to say that they pop-over ads on the and websites are quite annoying.
They are ads for Furniture Row and pop over the whole page.  The problem with the ads are that they have a close button, but it doesn’t work.  It is like they are teasing us.  I have also seen ads like this for Frontier Airlines.

I understand the need for newspapers to run ads on their sites, including pop-over ads.  But if they have a close button it should work.  I shouldn’t have to wait until it times out for the ad to close.

Don’t annoy us and we will come to your site.  If you annoy us, we will leave and your numbers will go down and so will your ads.

Harry Potter Finale Worth It

I just want to say that I just finished reading the seventh book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, of Harry Potter’s trials and tribulations and I have to say that J.K. Rowling got it right and it finished the way it should.
I don’t think that it could have been better.  I also enjoyed the epilogue as it wrapped up the whole story and ensured who ended up with who, who survived, and that everyone was getting along well.

I am not going to say much more because my wife hasn’t finished reading it yet and she reads this, so she would kill me.

Thanks J.K. Rowling for the wonderful ride and entertainment.  I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to read this wonderful story.

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