New York Times Electronic Publication

Well I just signed up for the New York Times Electronic Edition. It was free for seven days and then is going to become a version that charges
In the process, it kept having page failures and it created two accounts for me. But in their account maintenance page, I must call a phone number in order to cancel. The New York Times uses a service called NewsStand. I would stay away from it if I were you.

This is ridiculous. I should be able to cancel my subscription/account online without having to call someone.

Finally, I am not impressed with the service that they. It allows me to download to my computer and browse offline, but I want it in PDF, not whatever weird form that they have.

Improve the service and I may come back.

One Reply to “New York Times Electronic Publication”

  1. Well to give you an update, I have heard back from the company that does the news reader for the New York Times and they have removed my second account.
    Will see how it goes this week and if I keep it or not.


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