New York Times Reader

Well in my inspection of using an online reader for the New York Times, I stumbled upon the New York Times Reader.
This has been in Beta and is coming out of it soon. It may already be out of it.

This is really cool. It takes the paper and continuously updates it. If your device does not have internet access, you can read the latest version it downloaded. It is pretty simple.

It automatically scales to your screen size and it is quite easy to navigate between sections and pages. I think this will revolutionize newspapers and how they are read.

But there is one problem. The New York Times is charging $14.95 a month after 30 days. This is ridiculous. They sure know how to kill a good thing.

The New York Times is still living in the print world. If they want people to use it and make money, they need to charge a lot less. They would get a lot more subscribers.

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