The latest Harry Potter movie entertaining, but misses the mark

The latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, was an entertaining a fun movie to watch. But they seem to miss the mark when they ventured to far from the book.
They seemed to change things to meet their needs rather than getting the necessary information out in the book.

  • They missed key aspects including all the trips Harry and Dumbledore made into the pensive.
  • They butchered the ending with the fight when they reduced it and missed many key facts about Dumbledore talking with Malfoy.
  • The whole beginning when Dumbledore gathered Harry at his aunts and uncles house and what he told Harry prior to walking into the Weasley’s house.
  • and several other things.

The way J.K. Rowling wrote the books, it would have been really easy to write a movie script to accomodate the books. But while it was an entertaining movie, it missed many key aspects of the story that will be needed in the final edition.

2009 Colorado Rockies Commercials are now out

The 2009 Colorado Rockies television commercials are now out for you to view on their website. They will begin playing on FSN Rocky Mountain, 9 News, and other Comcast cable channels on March 9.
They are hilarious, show the players in a different light, and do a good job of selling the team.

This year, my particular favorite is the wedding mound visit. It doesn’t get better than that. Watch out for the surprise at the end.

These commercials really make me laugh.

The Super Bowl ad that NBC rejected

Below is the ad that NBC and the NFL rejected for the Super Bowl on Sunday from I would be interested in your thoughts.

My thoughts…

I think that NBC and the NFL have a right to run whatever commercial they want as long as it does not violate FCC regulations. This ad does not do that and is a lot more tame than many of the other ads that run during the Super Bowl.

They say they don’t want polictical or advocacy ads, but they will allow PETA to run a commercial as long as they tone down the sexual overtones.

To me, it is pure hypocrisy.

The 44 Presidents

This is a pretty cool video showing the 44 Presidents in under four minutes. The photos morph from one to the next in order.

Democrats’ latest idea: gas stamps – Democrats’ latest idea: gas stamps
You have got to be kidding. Gas stamps?  Is this the only thing the Democrats have?

Gas stamps are throw back to the great depression.  This is a great example of a top-down, entitlment approach to government the democrats are known for.

Instead of looking for ways to lower the price of gas, they are pushing an answer that is over 70 years old and technology that is still in the laboratory.

We need real action on maximizing our oil and gas supplies today while planning for the future, utilizing new technology that will help us in the future.

Not take a big step backwards!

Scrabble on Facebook is worthless

I just want to say that Scrabble on Facebook is just plain worthless.
I am playing a game and it keeps taking letters of the table and points from me.  When I go back to play those same letters where I played them before, that spot is not open.

I miss Scrabulous!  It was stable, easy-to-use, and fun.

The new Scrabbleis horrible, a bad way to do business.

If they were going to do this, they should have had something working first!

Font Conference Video from College Humor had me rolling

I know I am a little bit late, it came out a month ago, but I just heard about it and had to watch it.
I was rolling in my chair laughing.  It was hilarious.  This was put together by some really funny people at

I work with fonts off and on my day in my job and have discussions with people on what we should use on other things.  In addition, we put together some branding for my agency and I was on the team to help with that. The discussions we had on what fonts to use.

This just brings it all together and makes the discussion of fonts funny.  College Humor nailed it!