The Super Bowl ad that NBC rejected

Below is the ad that NBC and the NFL rejected for the Super Bowl on Sunday from I would be interested in your thoughts.

My thoughts…

I think that NBC and the NFL have a right to run whatever commercial they want as long as it does not violate FCC regulations. This ad does not do that and is a lot more tame than many of the other ads that run during the Super Bowl.

They say they don’t want polictical or advocacy ads, but they will allow PETA to run a commercial as long as they tone down the sexual overtones.

To me, it is pure hypocrisy.

One Reply to “The Super Bowl ad that NBC rejected”

  1. hypocrisy is that the Catholic Church wasn’t supportive of Obama including priests saying you had to go to confession if you voted for him . . . but they use him to make a point???
    I think with all of the poverty and people in need the Catholic Church could use $3 million in better ways.


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