PGA Tour You Blew It!

To the officials of the PGA Tour, you blew it! BIG TIME!
On the 18th hole in today’s final round tournament leader Dustin Johnson hit it into the gallery. He was not thinking it was in a bunker, it was where the gallery stands.

But in your antiquated thinking, you had it as a bunker. Granted when the public plays the course, it is a bunker, but in your course set up you took it out of play to make the final hole a little tougher for the pros.

If you want it to play as a bunker, put it play. But if you allow the gallery to trample it, you lose the definition of the edges of the bunker and it plays a lot differently. Dustin Johnson should not have been penalized for your incompetence.

A course is designed to be played a specific way, don’t mess with it and the game will still be ok.

3 Replies to “PGA Tour You Blew It!”

  1. If that was a bunker then why did the pga officials allow fans to be standing in the bunker when he hit. what a joke. This is bad for golf


  2. Dustin Johnson was robbed, and that golf course is a disaster. If the owners of that place don’t even know how many bunkers exist on the course, how is every player to know how to locate them all? Either define and delineate each one ahead of time and keep crowds off, or do not attempt to determine their existence as the player goes along. Spectators on others courses are not permitted to walk in the bunkers. What’s the problem here? Not enough volunteers? Just don’t care? Stop trying to be cute at the expense of the poor guys trying to earn an honest living!!! This course does not deserve to be the site of any pro tournament!!!


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