Don’t Stay at the Fairfield Marriott on Paradise in Las Vegas

I like to stay at Marriott’s across the country. They usually do a good job.
But the Fairfield Marriott on Paradise is not good for business or leisure travelers.

In Las Vegas, it begins with the air conditioners and this hotels can’t keep up. Our first room it was barely working so we moved and it was working a little better.

We left the room for a couple hours hoping it would catch up, but alas it didn’t. I spoke with the front desk and they blammed it on the heat.

Well that is why we want the air conditoners to work. It was actually cooler in the hallways than in the room.

There was a refridgerator in the room, but it barely worked. We put some water in there and they were somewhat cool by morning.

The one thing I noticed for business travelers is the lack of outlets. There was only one on the desk. So if you need to charge your laptop and cell phone, you’re out of luck unless you take it to the bathroom.

The only partially good thing was the wired internet. It did websites well, but it looked to throttle media files. It took about 10 minutes to download a couple minute podcast. Not good.

Overall, if you are looking for an off-the-strip hotel, skip this one. There are many more and better options.

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