NHL Officiating is incompetent

The NHL officials have proven how incompetent tonight by just watching the Avs-Sharks game tonight.
They have called several ticky-tack penalties on the Avs in the first period and nothing on San Jose. One of those penalties gave the Sharks a 2-0 lead.

There were several times where they let Blake get away with holding and a cross check and didn’t call it. Andy got tripped by a Shark, no interference.

It then went over the top with a scrum behind the Sharks net. Mcginn for the Sharks had dropped the gloves and was pounding Duchene in the head.

What do the refs call? An extra minor on the Avs. This is just horrible. Right now, the refs have called 22 penalties on the Avs and only 10 on the Sharks.

I watch a lot of hockey and this series has had the worst refs and I think it is a reflection of the NHL. I think they have it out for the Avs.

I hope it gets better in the 3rd period, but I doubt it. I think this game is out-of-hand.

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