The latest Harry Potter movie entertaining, but misses the mark

The latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, was an entertaining a fun movie to watch. But they seem to miss the mark when they ventured to far from the book.
They seemed to change things to meet their needs rather than getting the necessary information out in the book.

  • They missed key aspects including all the trips Harry and Dumbledore made into the pensive.
  • They butchered the ending with the fight when they reduced it and missed many key facts about Dumbledore talking with Malfoy.
  • The whole beginning when Dumbledore gathered Harry at his aunts and uncles house and what he told Harry prior to walking into the Weasley’s house.
  • and several other things.

The way J.K. Rowling wrote the books, it would have been really easy to write a movie script to accomodate the books. But while it was an entertaining movie, it missed many key aspects of the story that will be needed in the final edition.

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