Jay Cutler Needs to Grow Up and Show Some Class

Tension between Cutler, McDaniels isn’t diminishing – The Denver Post.
I just want to say that Jay Cutler needs to grow up. The NFL is a business and no one is immune to trade talks.

Right now he is being perceived as a cry-baby in a game played by men.

He has the arm and skills to be a great quarterback in this league, but he hasn’t produced the wins or playoff appearances that are needed to be classified as a great quarterback.

Yes he was a Pro Bowl quarterback this year, but he didn’t get it done at the end of the year. He had several opportunities to lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs this year and failed miserably.  

Josh McDaniels and the Broncos have been honest with him throughout the process. Cutler is listening to the wrong people and needs to grow up.

If he wants to prove McDaniels wrong, he needs to do it with the off-season workouts and through next season. Not posturing with his agent through the media.

Grow up Cutler!

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