Major League Baseball does a disservice to the Houston Astros

I just want to say that Major League Baseball has done a disservice to the Houston Astros, the hottest team in baseball.
Why do you ask?

Well they sent the Astros to play the Chicago Cubs to play a game in Milwaukee when they were supposed to play in Houston.

Now they couldn’t play in Houston because of Hurricane Ike.  But they could have played the game somewhere else.  Maybe Arlington, anywhere else besides Milwaukee.

Milwaukee is an hour from Chicago.  So who do you think the crowd was rooting for? Not the Astros.  The Cubs dominated them in the first game through a no-hitter by Carlos Zambrano.  They were then one-hit by Lilly the next evening.

Major League Baseball did a disservice to the Astros. They could have handled it a lot better.

Update:  Here is an article from the Denver Post discussing the situation with the Houston Astros, “Bad brew for Astros’ home”.

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