Tree sitters in Berkeley cost California $21 Million plus

Tree sitters cost state $21M plus
The tree sitters at the University of California (Berkeley) have cost the state of California over $21 Milion and they are only being charged with misdemenors. They finally came out of the last tree this last week.

That is ridiculous, just ridiculous!

For those of you who don’t know, the Unviersity of California wanted to build a sports training center and make iife/safety code fixes to Memorial Stadium.  In order to do that, they needed to cut down a grove of oaks and redwoods.

The extremists took exception to the plan to cut the trees. It didn’t matter that they weren’t students or affiliated in any way with the University.  It also didn’t matter that the University was going to plant over two trees for everyone they took down.

They recently lost the last of their court challenges.

I feel that it is ridiculous and crazy that these people are only being charged with misdemenors.  They all should be charged with a felony and forced to reimburse the University and state of California.

What they cost the state and the Unviersity is more than money. The city was the laughing stock of the nation when Tennesse fans invaded last year. It also solidified the reputation of Berkeley being the nutcase of the world.

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