Liberals are applying a double-standard to Palin and family

I just want to say that I am disappointed by a lot of liberals today and the media how they are exploiting the announcement today by the Palin’s that there older daughter is pregnant.
On Twitter, Claire Celsi has a post that says, “if you are listening..seriously, now might be a good time to focus on your own family instead of running for VP.”

It all goes back to the rumor started by Andrew Sullivan of which said that Palin claimed she was pregnant to cover up her daughters pregnancy; her son, Trig, was actually Bristol’s son.

Sullivan is also calling for the McCain campaign to release the medical records that show that Sarah Palin actually gave birth. Give me a break!  

These are the same group of people who are advocating for privacy are now asking for Palin to give up hers just for their kicks to see if she really gave birth.

A mother and professional women should be able to choose whether she will work, whether she will have a career, or whether she will stay home with her family. As a father and a husband, I would do whatever I could to support my wife in her endeavors, whatever she would decide to do.

It just amazes me that liberals and feminists are so out to get Palin that they will try and taint her as a bad mother because she wants to be Vice President while almost electing a woman to run for the Presidency.  

This is a double standard that is just plain stupid.

In another instance, Alan Colmes attacked Palin because of her prenatal care, questioning whether she took the right care when she was pregnant with Trig. This is just horrible and totally wrong. Colmes has removed his post, but Kim Priestap of Wizbang captured a screenshot before that happened.

Things happen in a family and a family must deal with them.  As with all previous elections and Presidencies, the kids are off limits. The media has done a good job with this, but the blogosphere has not.

The blogosphere should leave all personal family matters of all politicians alone.

Update: Kennedy, Clinton and Bush each had children living in the White House while they were President. No one ever questioned their parental skills and not devoting enough time to the family. Palin shouldn’t be questioned either because she has chosen to run for Vice President.

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