Schooner Tour a must do in New York City

The Schooner Day Sail is a must do in New York. We were on the Adirondack.
The Schooner Adirondack

The staff is great, the views are amazing, and it is definitely worth the time. It doesn’t get better than cruising down the Hudson from Chelsea Piers only under the power of the wind.  When the sailboat catches the wind, we were passing some of the tour boats under power.

The tour starts out with the boat under power to get away from the piers, but as soon as you are in open water, they drop the sails and you head south toward the Statue of Liberty and Eilis Island.

Once they have the sails trimmed, the crew comes around and asks what type of drink you would like and then it is a relaxing two hours.

You get to see Manhattan and its wonderful skyline from the water, you get up close to the Statue of Liberty and Eilis Island, and you get a cool and relaxing couple of hours on the water.

It really helps to be on the water when it is really hot and humid.  You get some relief from the heat.

The price is not bad either.  It was only $40 each for two hour Day sail plus a tip for the crew.

Take the time and enjoy the Schooner Day Sail while you are in New York City. You won’t forget it.

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