ExpressToll in Colorado will charge $7 to verify account holders

ExpressToll will charge $7 to verify account holders : Traffic : The Rocky Mountain News
I just want to say that this is the worst thing that I have ever heard of.  Charging people to verify that their license plate & vehicle is in the system.

I am paying to use the road and they keep an amount of cash in my account.  When I go through the toll booth, they deduct the toll.

Now if their (emphasis added) system does not pick up the transponder in my vehicle, they look at my license plate and see if it is registered in the system.  If it is, they deduct the amount from my account.  If not, they send out a ticket.

There have been several times where I have seen a VToll on my account. That means that my transponder failed to trigger the sensor and they had to verify it with my license plate.

If I get charged $7 for that, I will definitely be fighting it.  I think it is ridiculous to charge that additional fee.  Now if you don’t keep your account updated, that is another thing.

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