Casinos ticketed for allowing smoking

Casinos ticketed for allowing smoking – The Denver Post
I am sorry, but having a $200 for a business like the casinos is not going to deter them.  It is ridiculously low and something that they could cover quite easily.

The cigar bar loophole is also a joke. That loophole is so wide a few semi-trucks could get through, let along smokers.  That should be closed soon.  I was in Maryland and they have a smoking ban in the county I was in. The patrons of the cigar bar I walked by had to sit outside because they don’t have that loophole.

Finally, the sheriff refusing to write tickets and enforce the law is just plain stupid. He is not doing his job then. It is nice to see that he finally issued the tickets, but give me a break.

The casinos and others better clean up their act or the smoking ban will go to the voters as a referendum and they won’t like the results. I am sure that it will be much tougher than the already tough law today.  Albeight with out the big loopholes.

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