Air Travel

Even though it is a burden sometimes, going on an airplane flight isstill interesting, fun, and adventurous.

I am heading out on a short business trip and having the ability to fly
somewhere in a few hours and be in a city that you are not used to is
intriguing. It is always fun if you haven’t been somewhere before or
have been somewhere many times.

It is always interesting on the ride in on the shuttle from the parking
lot. Where are people going? Are they on a business trip? Or is it a
vacation? It is always fun.

Today there was a couple going to Port Townsend, Wash., to see there new
grad niece; an older couple flying to Stockton, Calif.,; a younger
couple heading off to vacation in Jamaica; and a man heading to Tampa
Bay for a business meeting.

As you can see, it is an intresting group of people heading to different
areas of the country or world.

Finally, it was a relaxing early morning at the airport. It was nice to
take a few minutes to enjoy breakfast, watch the airport wake-up and see
the first few flights take-off. Denver International Airport is sure
beautiful and relaxing in the morning.

Air travel is not as a glamerous as it once was, but it is still
something that intrigues and excites me.

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