Minnesota Wild are a bunch of thugs…

The Minnesota Wild are a bunch of thugs.  If you don’t believe it, you should watch a reply of tonights game.
It has been a history in hockey, especially in the playoffs, if one team takes a big lead, the losing team tries to rough up the other team.

But tonight it went too far.  Yeah hit harder and do other things.  It is part of the game.  But the cheap shots are ridiculous.

The worst one was when Wild player Stephane Veilleux left his feet and boarded Colorado Avalanche player Paul Stastny. That is a horrible call and should have been a 5 minute penalty.

The game got worse and chippy and you know it was coming from Wild coach Jacques Lemaire.  That is the only way that would happen.

The NHL shoud review the Veilleux hit and suspend him for it.  That was uncalled for and hockey does not need that type of play.

The other thing that the NHL should do is suspend Lemaire for the next game.  What he told his players to do is uncalled for and should be punished.  Just look what Crawford did when he was with the Canucks.  It ruined a players career and life.

The NHL should send a message.  Whether it is in the playoffs or the regular season.  The rules should not change.

I guess the Avalanche won the battle tonight by blowing out the Wild 5-1.

3 Replies to “Minnesota Wild are a bunch of thugs…”

  1. lol… lol… waaaaaaaaa i want my mommy. i was not a wild fan but i thonk i will be now after reading this.stop crying kid and i say kid because there is no way you are looking at this from a fans point of view just a av’s point of view. i remember mccloud leaving his feet twice to hit the wild players not to mention he seems to go after the smallest player on the rink when he is out there like bouchard. they wild are tough team like the ducks and flames. why is that so weong?? they have a top 10 player in both goals, assists, and are a very good team that got a little payback for all the cheap stuff they got from the av’s in the third periods in the last few games. DEAL WIT IT KID THE WILD ARE BETTER AND WILL WIN!!!!! POOR POOR AV”S FANS…. GO WILD!!!!


  2. Thanks for the good laugh,
    Take another look at the Guite hit on Sheppard and the McCloud hit on Gaborik before you are so quick to call for a suspension. Both Guite and Veilleux were called for the same 2:00 penality for thier respective hits.
    We will see what happens tonight when the Wild win 3-2 at the X


  3. The Avs can take it! Just look at the game tonight when they dominated the Wild again!
    Hitting is part of the game, but leaving your feet and hitting a guy from behind into the freeze is just wrong and should be dealt with.
    A lot of the problems could have been dealt with if the officials would have dealt with Veilleux earlier.
    It doesn’t matter anymore because the Avs just won game 5 and now have a 3-2 lead.
    Gaborik has just been shut down by good play.


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