Avalanche win Game 5!

The Avalanche withstood a relentless firestorm from the Minnesota Wild and won 3-2 to take a 3-2 lead in the best of 7 series.
The Wild came out hitting hard and trying to do everything to shake up the Avalanche, but they couldn’t and the Avalanche scored the first goal.  The Wild evened it up with a power play goal late in the 1st period.

The second period was played to a draw, but the Avalanche came out and won the third period by getting two quick goals from Wolski and Stastny.  The Wild got their second goal with under two seconds left.

The Avalanche played strong and smart and won the game.  They didn’t take any stupid penalties and kept at it.

They have a chance to close-out the series on Saturday night. Let’s hope they can do that!


Minnesota Wild are a bunch of thugs…

The Minnesota Wild are a bunch of thugs.  If you don’t believe it, you should watch a reply of tonights game.
It has been a history in hockey, especially in the playoffs, if one team takes a big lead, the losing team tries to rough up the other team.

But tonight it went too far.  Yeah hit harder and do other things.  It is part of the game.  But the cheap shots are ridiculous.

The worst one was when Wild player Stephane Veilleux left his feet and boarded Colorado Avalanche player Paul Stastny. That is a horrible call and should have been a 5 minute penalty.

The game got worse and chippy and you know it was coming from Wild coach Jacques Lemaire.  That is the only way that would happen.

The NHL shoud review the Veilleux hit and suspend him for it.  That was uncalled for and hockey does not need that type of play.

The other thing that the NHL should do is suspend Lemaire for the next game.  What he told his players to do is uncalled for and should be punished.  Just look what Crawford did when he was with the Canucks.  It ruined a players career and life.

The NHL should send a message.  Whether it is in the playoffs or the regular season.  The rules should not change.

I guess the Avalanche won the battle tonight by blowing out the Wild 5-1.