Frontier Airlines flight not as nice as others

I choose to fly Frontier Airlines as much as I can. They are a localDenver airline that has good customer service and they have TV on the

Having TV on a flight makes the time go by so much faster. A three-hour
flight just does not seem as long when there is something mindless on.

In addition, Frontier Airlines oversold the flight and people were not
happy. For example, a couple had bought a seat for their infant and
because the flight was oversold they took that seat.

As a parent who travels with young children and I purchase seats for
them, I would not be happy if they took the seat from me. It looks like
they compensated them, but they still shouldn’t have taken their seat.

On a good note, the crew was quite friendly and the plane was nice. It
is a new Airbus that they just took delivery on. So that is why there
was no TV. They hadn’t installed the hardware and software to make it

Let’s hope the rest of my work trip goes well.

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